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10th July, 2023

16th Equality Diversity Inclusion Conference, 2023

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Event Details

10th July, 2023
End Date:
11th July, 2023
College Building [A]

City, University of London is delighted to be hosting the next Equality Diversity Inclusion Conference on the theme of Dis(ability)

The EDI Conference is pleased to welcome a wide range of streams about the complex relationships between equality, diversity, and inclusion, from different theoretical, empirical, and methodological angles, as well as across various trans/inter/national and disciplinary contexts.

In 2023, we would like to draw particular attention to the concept of Dis(ability), as an estimated 1.3 billion people – or 1 in 6 people worldwide – experience significant disability (WHO, 2 Dec 2022)i. Do societies ‘see the ability’ or ‘a different ability’ among the disabled community? Are people with disabilities treated equally with the rest of the population? Have societies acknowledged that being disabled is OK so that people with disabilities can have equality, accommodations can be made, and the unemployment rate for people with disabilities can drop? In its December 2022 report, the WHO provides a gloomy picture and argues that people with disabilities still face barriers including stigma, discrimination, exclusion from education and employment, etc.

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