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10th June, 2023

A Brief Pause


Event Details

10th June, 2023
14:00 - 22:00
Ugly Duck Theatre

Itch The Scratch collective and current Central second-year BA Performance Arts students invite you to join us as we soften the boundaries, doors and walls.

between you and me

between us and them

between these and those

between some and others

A Brief Pause is a day-long festival, celebrating joy and togetherness. Through performances, music and workshops we will create an entangled space. A shared response-ability that will help us alter (and inspire) each other as hosts and guests.

So, the offering of a cushion, a poem, or the touch of a blanket will carefully unravel an ongoing dialogue of change and mutual adaptation.

Let’s rehearse radical hospitality in our hub, designed to stimulate the seeding of connections, companionship and kinship. Or share solace, joy and pleasure as one multifaceted being through workshops that help us embody ourselves/our-selves/our selves. And let’s expand, contort and feed our curiosities through a selection of performances, talks and screenings.

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