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15th May, 2023

ResearchWorks: Curational Composing

GuildhallSchool Red

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15th May, 2023
17:00 -

“Curators” appear in history when faith in traditional models of value declines precipitously and everything appears up for grabs.

This was the case for early modern science displacing Biblical law by establishing new credentials for universal truths; for the gallery arts in transitioning from the ‘purely visual’ mediums of painting and sculpture; and more recently for music with the collapse of ‘classical’ privilege and the musical work concept.

Approached through the late work of John Cage, and building on the work of colleagues in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, in this talk Ed McKeon proposes Curatorial Composing as an immanent mode of producing public encounters that stage the issue of authority without dependence on any external frame, foundational logic, theory, or law.

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