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1st May, 2023

Place-based approaches to sustainable living: outline stage

Opportunity to apply for funding to research place-based approaches for an environmentally sustainable future and support evidence-based decision making.

Desired outcomes include:

  • enhanced understanding of environmental challenges and solutions from a place-based perspective to develop findings, tools and theories, which can be applied by local and national policymakers, communities and practitioners
  • co-produced solutions or enhanced understanding of place-based approaches for a sustainable future

Proposals should:

  • shape policy and practice at a local level
  • outline their approach to spatial and temporal transferability and scalability
  • address the ‘just transition’ and consider how place-based approaches can address multiple and systemic inequalities
  • enhance the governance relationships between civil society bodies, local authorities, central and devolved administrations

Closing date: 13 July 2023 4:00pm UK time

For further information please visit this page.

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