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15th May, 2023

Nothing that surrounds us is object, all is subject


Event Details

15th May, 2023
End Date:
21st May, 2023
Stanley Picker Gallery

Stanley Picker Gallery is delighted to host Nothing that surrounds us is object, all is subject an experimental exhibition by Hanna ten Doornkaat and Buffy Kimm as part of Kingston Artist Open Studios 2023.

The works shown by Buffy Kimm and Hanna ten Doornkaat in the Project Studio is experimental in nature hence the title taken from a quote by the surrealist Andre Breton. The title suggests that a fair number of works in the show are unfinished suggestions of their material being awaiting to be transformed by the artists or in the minds of the viewers from object to subject.

In the Gallery’s Project Studio Buffy Kimm and Hanna ten Doornkaat will occupy the space like a fragment of their own studios.

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