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3rd May, 2023

Creative to Commercial: Having Impact & Making Money Without Selling Out


Event Details

3rd May, 2023
18:00 - 21:00
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Central graduate, Emma Wainer, leads a hands on workshop for students and alumni exploring commercialising their art based creativity.

So you have qualified, you are ready to unleash yourself and your ideas on the world – but how do you help people, make money and not feel icky in the process? In fact, who do you help and how? How do you let them know you are there to help? How much should you charge? Moreover, is it ok to charge for arts based practice? Emma Wainer, experienced communication coach and Central alum (MA Voice Studies) leads this workshop to help you figure out what next.

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, very un-genius like?

When leaving an arts programme it is really easy to feel overwhelmed as to how to take your creative genius and make a soul aligned commercial practice out of your knowledge and expertise. In this workshop session we will look at how to do just that. We will explore:

  • How to find your zone of genius – not what you are good at but what you are genius at
  • How to find your niche – yes you can help everyone but that is a terrible marketing message!
  • How to productise your knowledge
  • How to charge for your expertise
  • How and where to speak to the people you can help

This session is a hands-on workshop, where you can explore your ideas and get peer and expert feedback on how you can commercialise your art based creativity and genius!

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