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10th March, 2023

Feminist Publishing: Practices, Processes and Contemporary Challenges

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Event Details

10th March, 2023
13:00 - 18:00
Room to be confirmed

“You are what you publish” is an imperative and injunction often characterising scholarly life in today’s neoliberal university. Pressurising ‘publish or perish’ perspectives can work to discourage early-career researchers who are often unfamiliar with the practices and processes.

This event aims to address this blind spot. With a focus on  feminist and gender and/sexualities research, this half-day conference looks to demystify academic publishing processes in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Drawing from industry and academic expertise across the areas of book publishing, journals, open access, and grassroots feminist publishing, workshops will cover:

  • book formats and proposal submissions
  • industry models
  • peer review processes
  • alternative models
  • different ways to get involved with publishing.

The day will end with keynote reflections from Professor Lynne Segal on Feminist Publishing Today: Looking Back and Looking Forwards

Co-organised by The Gender and Sexualities Research Centre (GSRC) at City and Manchester University Press.

With representatives from Manchester University Press, Silver Press, Pluto Press, Goldsmiths University Press, and Radical Open Access Collective.

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