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8th December, 2022

Excellence in Pursuit of Success: A Life Without Limits


Event Details

8th December, 2022
18:00 -
Cambridge campus

Sheri Brynard was born with down syndrome and talks about how she has overcome challenges to become an educator and advocate.

With this presentation, an Afrikaans speaking woman of 40 will inform the meeting in English how her life as person with Down syndrome in South Africa has developed in a country where no special assistance was available at the time of her birth and where there are often prejudice and superstitions around disabled people. Sheri has qualified as a assistant teacher and she has acquired a three-year Education diploma without any concessions, in 2009. Since then, she has been working as an assistant teacher in a School for Learners with Special Education Needs. Being a pioneer in her advocacy work for persons with Down syndrome for the last 14 years and working with children with Down syndrome for the last 13 years, has taught Sheri about the challenges many people with Down syndrome face. Every day experiences have influenced the way Sheri thinks about the rights that any human has. Shéri will illustrate how her strong religious beliefs, a sense of humour and a positive outlook on life helped her to achieve against all odds. She made the words and the philosophy of Nelson Mandela, you are the master of your fate, her own life philosophy. She truly believes that one must never focus on what you don’t have, but be proud of who you are.

Shéri Brynard gives meaning to her life by trying to raise awareness of the abilities of people with Down syndrome in South Africa and abroad. She also tries to help the so called normal people in her audiences to focus on the positive things in their own lives.

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