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2nd November, 2022

Research Seminar in Music: Unbounded

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Event Details

2nd November, 2022
17:00 - 18:30
280 St John St
London EC1V 0HB

Chiyoko Szlavnics will explore various nuances of the words, ‘bound’; ‘unbound’; and ‘unbounded’ through a presentation that draws associations between her iconoclastic compositional approaches through the early 2000s to the present, and the thoughts of several remarkable composers and artists whose exceptionally original writings are currently inspiring her.

She will present an overview of the development of her early drawings-based compositional method; several approaches of working with ratios in fundamental ways to produce distinctive music; and her ongoing interest in how beating can generate rhythmic content in unmetred, duration-based work.

About the speaker

Born in Toronto and based in Berlin since 1998, Chiyoko Szlavnics is one of Canada’s most singularly experimental voices. As a composer and visual artist, Szlavnics’ work finds inspiration in natural processes: lines and waves, temporality and regeneration, incremental change and intersecting events.

Her practice centres on combining sinewaves with acoustic instruments, as well as exploring detailed acoustical and psychoacoustical phenomena in purely electronic works. She most enjoys working on projects that are dedicated to creating new experiences of the movement of sound in highly resonant venues.

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