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31st October, 2022

ResearchWorks: Music at the Margins: Mapping Prison Music from the Periphery

GuildhallSchool Red

Event Details

31st October, 2022
18:00 -

Music is an integral part of human life in times of joy and triumph, as well as in times of crisis and isolation.

In this talk, I reflect on the role of music in Norwegian prisons, where music’s acoustic and social resonances become critically important. As we tackle rising incarceration rates around the world, I discuss the relationship between prison music (including music education, music therapy, music-making and listening initiatives) and the sociocultural, political, ethical and aesthetic implications of this creative practice from multiple perspectives. Mapping the ways music is used – and is useful – in prison, this talk questions whether it is possible to create a more humane, positively transformative, and genuinely reparative prison experience.

Speaker: Áine Mangaoang

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