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15th June, 2022

What exactly is sustainability education and how should we do it


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15th June, 2022
18:00 -
Cambridge campus

Professor Greig explores her journey of ‘embedding’ sustainability within higher education, considering how it has developed beyond ‘campus greening’ and prescribed behaviour change, and its potential to become an essential catalyst for social change.

Professor Greig is Director of Education for Sustainability (EfS) at ARU and leads the EfS research theme at the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI). She is also Course Leader for the MSc Sustainability.

Prof Greig started her academic career as a physical geographer and has always been interested in the interconnections between the natural world and human societies. Following a career at a number of University Departments and as an independent environmental consultant, in 2011 she joined the GSI at ARU to take up the post of Director of Education for Sustainability.

With a responsibility for ensuring sustainability is part of all students experience at ARU, Alison has also established Education for Sustainability as a research theme within the GSI. Alison is particularly interested in how education, both formal and informal, can help prepare individuals to bring about change for a more sustainable future, and how educational institutions can facilitate this process.

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