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27th April, 2022

UWL plays central role in Westminster discussions on Levelling Up

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The Centre for Inequalities and Levelling Up (CEILUP) co-hosted a roundtable event in Westminster in March to discuss the place of ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods in the Government’s most recent White Paper on Levelling Up. 

The discussion saw a coming together of parliamentarians who make up the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) for Left Behind Neighbourhoods, policy makers and academics from CEILUP to discuss the repercussions of the Government’s White Paper on disadvantaged communities. 

The APPG advocates for the economically and socially disadvantaged communities most in need of the government’s Levelling Up funding. According to the group’s research, ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods, or areas that have not benefited from the government’s recent funding allocations, will likely experience the worst outcomes in coming years. 

Participants concluded that in order to successfully and fairly level up the country, ‘transformational improvements’ are needed to support ‘left behind’ areas, with a specific focus on long-term targeted support and community investment at hyper-local levels. 

Professor Graeme Atherton, Head of the Centre for Inequality and Levelling Up based at the University of West London, said:

It was great to bring together contributors from our latest publication with parliamentarians from the APPG for Left Behind Neighbourhoods. Participants brought a range of perspectives which led to a varied and interesting discussion. CEILUP will continue to work closely with the APPG to promote a joined-up, solutions-focused approach to levelling up.” 

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