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9th April, 2022

Stories from the earth: clay workshop


Event Details

9th April, 2022
13:00 -
Cambridge campus

Using only your hands and clay, what story will you tell? Many stories can be unearthed from the ground below our feet. We live and die on earth, build homes and tear them down, love and fight on it.

Drawing on lessons from Geology, join Anglia Ruskin University artists and researchers Sarah Strachan and Kelcy Davenport as they guide you through a clay workshop incorporating clay from Cambridge and Iraq. Together they will explore how the geology of the land can be used to uncover some of the world’s most extraordinary stories. Using only your hands and clay, what story will you tell?

Sarah Strachan and Kelcy Davenport are part of a Geology-Art-Sound research collective based in Iraq, France and the UK. They are currently exploring ‘thinking through mud’ in consideration of shifting ideas around human and more-than-human, organic and inorganic, intra-action.

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