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19th January, 2022

Sense making and Conspiracy Theories during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK Black Community


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19th January, 2022
13:00 - 14:00

Conspiracy theories are associated with significant COVID-19 health consequences; lower engagement with protective behaviours including mask wearing, testing and vaccine uptake.

In this presentation we will explore sensemaking around COVID-19, focusing on conspiratorial beliefs, within the context of Black African and Caribbean communities in the UK and consider that the creation of meaning does not happen in a vacuum, past and current experiences are important in offering an anchor, to which a sensemaking can be moored. For health promotion messages to take purchase, the lived experience of the target audience must be considered, to ensure all groups in society are protected.     

As a Chartered Health Psychologist, Prof Vandrevala has expertise in designing and evaluating complex interventions in health promotion and prevention in vulnerable and marginated populations. Her work has addressed perceptions of health risks in ethnically diverse groups and considers how health communication and policy can be used to mitigate health risks and reduce health inequalities. She is passionate about making real world change for people from minority communities and over the past decade has actively worked towards championing issues of equality, inclusivity, and diversity. 

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