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1st December, 2021

Guildhall Big Band – Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5s and 7s

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Event Details

1st December, 2021
19:00 -
Silk Street Music Hall

Guildhall Big Band discovers and re-imagines the legacy of the Hot 5 and Hot 7 – landmark recordings that herald the essence of jazz as a unique 20th-century art form.  

The event will offer the chance to hear innovate new arrangements by Guildhall jazz musicians, inspired by these original recordings and created in close collaboration with the Big Band performers. 

We’re delighted to welcome as co-director one of the leading forces in jazz, Byron Wallen, who will offer an inspiring insight into how Armstrong’s legacy has nourished his own creative endeavours. 

Matt Skelton director 
Byron Wallen trumpet 
Guildhall Big Band 

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