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5th October, 2021

Visual Research Practices Lunch Lecture No.1: Amanda Couch


Event Details

5th October, 2021
13:00 -

Amanda Couch’s research and art practice appropriates, reinterprets and reinvents histories, myth, ritual and embodied knowledge through material investigation, and theoretical and autobiographical writing, enacting new materialist entanglements of human and non-human intra-action. The work cuts across media, straddling performance, the live and recorded image, print and the book, sculpture, food, participation and writing.

For this talk, she will share some of her research methods and processes for three of her most recent projects, Books as Bodies (2016-ongoing); Extispicy in the Everyday (2016-ongoing); and Becoming with Wheat and Other More-Than-Human Others (2018-ongoing). She will talk about how she use theory, how she engages with rare materials and historical artefacts, and ways in which she enacts ideas through material experiments and making, illustrated by some recent outcomes.

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