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18th October, 2021

Julius Caesar

GuildhallSchool Red

Event Details

18th October, 2021
End Date:
23rd October, 2021
Milton Court Studio Theatre

by William Shakespeare

Anna Morrissey director 
Carla Goodman designer
Adi Currie lighting designer
Hayley Chilvers movement director
Jamie Hulme sound designer
Grace Duff video designer
Jonathan Waller fight director

‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.’ 

After a bloody war with Pompey, Julius Caesar returns to Rome triumphant. Celebrations commence. But while Caesar is lauded and praised by many, a sense of unease and dismay creeps in for others, and plans begin to form to bring him down. How much power is too much, for just one man? 

Anna Morrissey directs Shakespeare’s epic thriller, exploring what happens when political revolution, imposed authority and the will of the people collide.   

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