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14th July, 2021

The Wolves


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14th July, 2021
End Date:
28th July, 2021

Pulitzer Prize finalist The Wolves is the debut play of up-and-coming playwright Sarah DeLappe. Featuring an all-female cast (comprised of nine adolescents and one briefly-seen adult), The Wolves chronicles six Saturday mornings in the lives of a soccer team somewhere in suburban America as they prepare for their games.

The girls discuss everything from genocide to menstrual cycles to drugs to boys to literature to each other, and a group of girls whom at first seem indistinguishable as each is referred to by only her number and all are clad in the same jersey only bearing her number quickly become identifiable and different. In the course of six short weeks, the Wolves deal with love, loss, and identity in ways that real teenagers do.

Trigger warning: viewers of this video may find some content offensive. It includes discussions about death, sex, sexism, sexual violence/rape, violence/murder/genocide, racism, body image and appearance, implied sexual assault, eating disorder, and bereavement.

By Sarah DeLappe
In the Embassy Theatre

Performed by BA (Hons) Acting
Designed & produced by BA (Hons) Theatre Practice
Placement from MA/MFA Movement: Directing & Teaching

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