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24th June, 2021

Approaching Creative Leadership Now

The Culture Capital Exchange

Event Details

24th June, 2021
14:00 - 17:00

This half day workshop on new thinking in creative leadership is for aspiring, emergent and current leaders in higher education and the arts led by The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE).

The pandemic has changed the world, and changed how we need to work together. It has changed how we are as leaders and what we want our leaders to be. Anyone in a leadership role over the last year will, in all likelihood, have had to shift to a more distributed and responsive mode of working. The challenges to organisations, including sectors like the arts and culture, heritage and higher education have been complex and often stressful but alongside considerable challenges, new opportunities have also opened up.

Through this workshop we set out to explore questions around our evolving leadership challenges, such as:

– What is good leadership in Higher Education and the Arts?

– How has leadership changed post Covid and how can we adapt?

– What are the other big issues that intersect with creative leadership and its development?

– How can we develop leaders of the future? What skills do we need?

The workshop will enable insight into some of the current, urgent and emergent issues in our field of leadership and provide reflective space to foster a better understanding of how to support your own career or that of future leaders you may be working with.

Earlier this year, TCCE got together a group of leaders to think about these questions and to explore how current and future leaders, in higher education and the arts, can adapt to, and think about our post Covid futures. This workshop is one of the next iterations of our inaugural meeting and several of our original cohort will be contributing to this workshop.

Contributors include: Dr Rebekka Kill (TCCE), Dr Bill Balaskas (Kingston School of Art), Dr Cara Courage (Tate Exchange), Pauline Rutter (TCCE), Professor Paul Hollins (Leeds Conservatoire), Ceinwen Paynton (National Trust), Idrees Rasouli (Cambridge School of Art), Dr Javeria Shah (Central School of Speech and Drama), Claire Malcolm (New Writing North), Dr Sara Jones (City, University of London), Dr Nicola Abraham (Central School of Speech and Drama), Evelyn Wilson (TCCE).

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