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27th May, 2021

Methods, Networks and Imagination in Cultural Knowledge Exchange

The Culture Capital Exchange

Event Details

27th May, 2021
14:00 - 16:00

In the relatively new field of knowledge exchange questions are beginning to emerge about methodology and process. A number of well established methodologies such as sandbox, ideas labs, design thinking that have been used in arts and cultural KE contexts as well as schemes such as entrepreneur/researcher in residence, creative vouchers and others, sometimes with funding attached and sometimes not.

Amongst such activity there tends to be an emphasis on outputs and impacts whilst there is arguably less work being done to describe, analyse or understand such methodologies and processes.

Yet we think, or perhaps assume, that knowledge exchange with the arts and culture is often different from knowledge exchange with other sectors. But is it? And if it is, how?

To what extent do, for example, networks shape cultural knowledge exchange? And where is the space for imagination in cultural knowledge exchange? How are such models of collaboration established? Who are the actors? And are the processes and practices of knowledge exchange evolving, innovating or generating new methodologies that might also have value for other types of KE.

This online workshop will begin to explore and unpack these questions, aiming to unpack notions of imagination and innovation in knowledge exchange methodology.

Whether it’s work that’s brilliant or bonkers, radical or revolutionary, disruptive or avant-garde, or about just quietly getting on with it, this is the space to talk, to think and to uncover and share how we actually DO knowledge exchange.

Some key questions this workshop sets out to examine include:

What methods have you used to support cultural knowledge exchange?

How are these practices of knowledge exchange being articulated and by whom?

Is it possible, or indeed useful, to talk about “practice-based” knowledge exchange and, if so, what might be the wider ramifications?

What makes good cultural knowledge exchange?

A number of case-studies and provocations will frame the event . Contributors include: Dr Glenda Jackson (Dept of Journalism, City University of London) and Evelyn Wilson (Co-Director, TCCE and NCACE).

We invite anyone who would like to contribute either to get in touch with us by emailing TCCE Associate Dr Rebekka Kill and Event Chair in the first instance (

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