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26th April, 2021

Border Trouble: Migration, Research Creation, Art & Policy

London South Bank University

Event Details

26th April, 2021
End Date:
29th April, 2021

While Behrouz Boochani, Kurdish-Iranian human rights activist/journalist was in a refugee detention camp sanctioned by the Australian government, he secretly made a film on his smartphone, “Chauka Please Tell Us the Time, ” to share his harrowing story with the world.

He is one of several participants in the symposium Border Trouble: Migration, Research Creation Art & Policy April 26-29, 2021, in which the power of migrants telling their own stories to influence governments and communities, will be discussed.

In addition to the keynote discussion with Boochani, the 4-day free online conference, co-hosted by Ryerson University and South Bank University in London, will include three other interactive sessions, including:

  • A workshop exploring human rights stories through performance, led by UK-based artist Sebastian Aguirre.
  • A panel discussion featuring three migrant art-practitioners/companies exploring what it means to create migrant-situated knowledge through creative practice.
  • A final session bringing together researchers from Project Finding Home to discuss experiences and findings of their three-year SSHRC-funded project. They’ll highlight intersections and key insights from their international research creation activities.

The symposium will address some of the following questions:

  • How can art practice become a space where citizenship is performed by homeless or underhoused refugees and asylum seekers?
  • How can these practices be mobilized as knowledge that can impact the host culture?
  • How can research creation enhance, contradict, complement, or reinvent the official process of crossing a border, finding housing and striving for citizenship?
  • How can arts-based research impact policy?

The symposium is the culminating event of Project Finding Home, a SSHRC-funded 3-year international project exploring the complex intersection between forced migration and new place-making strategies through art and storytelling.

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