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18th March, 2021

Research Seminar: Kojève and a Non-Eurocentric Historical Materialism


Event Details

18th March, 2021
17:30 - 19:30

Two CRMEP PhD students present papers based on their ongoing research:

Kyle Moore:

This talk addresses the concept of negation in Alexandre Kojève’s ‘philosophy of non-existence’, as it appears in his early writings on religion.  More specifically, taking as my point of departure his 1931 manuscript Atheism, I show how atheism acts as a figure of negation. In doing so, I aim to demonstrate how atheism becomes a philosophical problem that anticipates Kojève’s later negative anthropology.

Morteza Samanpour:

Contra certain Hegelian-informed readings of Capital (the New Reading of Marx) that interpret Marx’s theory of value as the ‘ontological ground’ of capitalism presented in a dialectical-logical form, this paper will argue that Marx’s social ontology has a processual character whereby the ‘inner structure’ of capitalism is formed in its motion and dynamics, that is, in relation to its history.”

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