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3rd December, 2020

Virtual Sandpits

The British Academy is inviting applications for participants in international virtual sandpits to take place in February 2021. Participation is open to researchers based in the UK and internationally across the whole range of the humanities and social sciences. The Academy is keen to ensure that the diversity of the humanities and social sciences is represented at the virtual sandpits.

The Academy wishes to encourage early career researchers in the humanities and social sciences to participate and therefore will look to ensure there is significant representation at the sandpits from these scholars.

The virtual sandpits will be framed around the themes of ‘Just Transitions’, ‘Global (Dis)Order’, and ‘What is a good city?’. Through these virtual sandpits the Academy wishes to engender new thinking, develop interdisciplinary collaborations, and further international engagement with a particular international policy and practice focus.

There will be three virtual sandpits related to the above themes. Each sandpit will have three sessions of a maximum of two hours each. The sessions will take place on separate days in February 2021. Participants will need to be available for the three sessions. There will be additional time required for offline working. Participants will apply to attend a sandpit related to a specific theme, however, opportunities for synergies during the sandpits could be explored.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 16 December 2020 at 17.00 (UK time).

For further information please visit this page.

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