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26th November, 2020

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

GuildhallSchool Red

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26th November, 2020
End Date:
28th November, 2020

In the dead of night, four young lovers escape the luxury of their city as it prepares for the biggest political wedding it has ever seen. Their journey takes them through a dying forest as they chase their own fantasies. Soon after, a plucky am-dram troupe and finally, the power-brokers of Athens themselves, all follow. What awaits them all – far from their contemporary comforts – is beyond their wildest dreams…

The city and the forest combine for one riotous night in this new version of Shakespeare’s darkly magical comedy. As the metropolitan elite invade the natural world, nature prepares to fight back in the form of fairies, transformation, and – if necessary – violence.

On this midsummer night, everything is up for grabs: the youth of Athens, the delicate balance between the city and the untamed forest and, most crucially, the success of a sure-to-be seminal production of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Award-winning director Suba Das creates this new production of Shakespeare’s classic tale.

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