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15th October, 2020

On building organisational resilience in COVID-times


Event Details

15th October, 2020
14:00 - 15:00

Today’s world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and we are witnessing both technological and cultural change occurring faster than ever before.

This change is also characterised by high complexity, unpredictability, and ambiguousness, demanding a genuinely fresh mindset from organisations navigating it. One of the greatest challenges for leaders in such a climate is energising their teams to adapt and continue serving their customers’ rapidly evolving expectations, needs, and demands. In this session, we will explore the notions of business resilience and business agility and their role in enabling organisations to adapt quickly to market changes, respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands, and continuously innovate by embracing and leveraging change. There will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout and after the talk, as well as exchange ideas with the presenters after the event.

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