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12th October, 2020

Insiders/Outsiders: Improvising Musicians’ Reflections on Locating their Doctoral Studies in London Culture

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12th October, 2020
18:00 -

The improvising musician’s career often comprises numerous activities, at once distinct but interrelated. These activities might include performing, composing and teaching at various levels, with different emphases on each varying from person to person. All of these elements could be described as supported and informed by a continuous search to define and advance one’s own creative voice, an endless process that can take inspiration from a range of sources.

Artists can occupy themselves with finding brand-new ways to express themselves, perhaps rooting their output within an existing musical tradition and learning to communicate using its language. They may aspire to find a sound that assimilates elements of their background – for example their lived experience growing up in a particular tradition – or a musical culture they have adopted or feel a particular affinity with, or a combination of these.

What impact can location have on an improvising musician’s output? Do they identify as a member of one or more particular scenes or communities? How might this apply to London-based artists whose specialisms have roots or origins elsewhere in the world? It is this process of looking inward and outward at the same time, rooting oneself within a musical culture while attempting to forge a personal identity within it, that forms the basis for this discussion.

This Research Works event will feature presentations and an open discussion on these themes between three London-based improvising performers and educators who are active in wide range of disciplines. All three are current doctoral students, from a combination of Guildhall School and City University.

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