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3rd September, 2020

Musems as climate action design challenge

This competition invites you to think about how new approaches to the design, organisation and experience of museums can amplify and accelerate climate action in diverse contexts and at various scales, enabling museums and society to move farther, faster, together to a net-zero or zero-carbon future.

Museums come in many different shapes and sizes. Rather than focus on a specific location or type of museum, we invite proposals that unsettle and subvert the very foundations of museological thinking to support and encourage meaningful climate action. You can locate your museum anywhere, or suggest an approach that is not tied to a specific place. We invite design and concept proposals that are radically different from the ‘traditional’ museum, or that explore new ways for traditional museums to operate. Your response can address any aspect of museum design and activity, and the ideas can be as fantastical or as grounded as you see fit. We are not looking to judge proposals on their feasibility, but on the extent to which they reimagine the museum to bring about more equitable and sustainable futures in the climate change era.

Submission deadline:  15 sept 2020

For further info visit this page.

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