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3rd September, 2020

Citizen science collaboration grant

This call will support multidisciplinary research collaborations that spread citizen science methods into new fields of research and involve citizens to address societally-relevant challenges.

This is a single round funding scheme for projects lasting one to three years. Lead applicants can be from any discipline and must be of lecturer level or equivalent.

We are particularly interested in collaborations that enable researchers with no prior experience of using citizen science methods to develop their expertise, and projects that extend citizen science methods into new research disciplines.

Projects must start by 31 March 2021 and must be completed by 31 March 2024.

We want to fund multidisciplinary research collaborations that create novel approaches to tackling societally-relevant challenges through citizen science. Through these collaborations, we aim to facilitate the spread of citizen science methods in the academic community and expand the range of people from outside of academia involved in research.

The citizen science elements of the project should be integral to the overall research design and have a clear benefit for the members of the public involved. The breadth of disciplines involved should be appropriate to the challenge you are addressing and should be clearly justified in your application.

Challenges can be broad societal issues, like improving public health or reducing crime, or can be challenges specific to your research area, like improving the quality or analysis of data. However, you must demonstrate why citizen science is the right approach to addressing this challenge.

We are particularly interested in projects that

  • Involve researchers new to citizen science methods working with, and learning from, more experienced practitioners
  • Have demonstrable potential to share the learning, outcomes and successes of your approach widely among the academic community
  • Address societal challenges identified in collaboration with people from outside of the research community
  • Involve partnerships with organisations that can enhance the outcomes of your project
  • Involve people from under-represented groups and communities
  • Demonstrate methodological innovation in undertaking research with citizens.

Closing date 9 September 2020, 16:00

For further info please visit this page.

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