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16th July, 2020

WASTELAND draft reading


Event Details

16th July, 2020
14:30 - 16:30

Written in response to our annual theme of WASTE, UCL Creative Fellow Nicola Baldwin presents the first draft reading of her new play.

This is the story of one night… the night before the launch of LOU’s prize-winning green department building, and the first shift back at work for ROSA after her strike; meanwhile student JESS races against time in the 24 hour library before her café job. An academic, a cleaner, and a student – thrown together at UCL.

This new play highlights a year in which Waste spills out from academic research in ever larger waves; industrial action at UCL has demanded cleaners be brought back in-house; UCU have hosted the Four Fights strikes; and where we have seen the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The play asks what ‘zero waste’ means when applied to people? What use are ‘sustainable’ products if their producers are disposable? How can we address problems of Waste without questioning our values? Why do we find it easier to talk about Waste than the global inequality?

  • Rebecca Crankshaw as LOU
  • Jimena Larraguivel as ROSA
  • Tara Kearney as JESS
  • Shreya Patel as THE PLAY

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