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22nd June, 2020

LSBU Sustainability and Climate Action Events Series – Carbon, Climate, Energy and Resources

London South Bank University

Event Details

22nd June, 2020
End Date:
26th June, 2020

LSBU is dedicated to protecting our planet and society. We promise to become a university of the future – one that is conscious, one that is responsible and one that is sustainable. We’re proud of the progress we have made, but we’re not even close to done!

To precede London Climate Action Week (27th June to 6th July 2020) the LSBU Group is hosting the first in a series of three Sustainability & Climate Action Events, titled Carbon, ClimateEnergy and Resources.

The first event in the series will focus on the issues climate, carbon, energy and resources. The energy we consume creates carbon emissions that damage the planet through global warming. The Australian fires and Indonesian floods this year are the consequence of 250 years of industry using toxic energy sources. With the UK committed to be carbon neutral by 2050, and all nations aiming to reduce greenhouse gasses by 40% by 2030, how can we go green, more quickly and what will that mean for architects, engineers and the built environment?
This is a great opportunity to celebrate the work being done in response to the climate and ecological crisis, to encourage collaborative working across academia, industry, government and NGOs. This event is a celebration of collaborative working, across the university and within our networks, and will showcase the strength of what can be achieved when working together in to respond to a crisis.

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