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28th May, 2020

TCCE Lunchtime Social: Exploring the notion of Relevance Now

The Culture Capital Exchange

Event Details

28th May, 2020
12:00 - 13:00

The purpose of this short session is to explore what is relevant to us as we approach a new stage in how we are living with and through Covid.19. Does what is relevant to us actually shift or change at times like this; times of unprecedented worry and challenge. And if so, what is changing for us, why and indeed how?

How we work, behave, consume, create, live and think about our lives and the life of our planet is changing and will, as ever, continue to do so into the future. After lockdown, and as we enter the next phase of the pandemic, along with all the challenges and possibilities associated with that, our sense of what may seem relevant and important will , as such, no doubt shift further still.

This discussion acts as a space to explore those shifts and ask some probing questions about their practical ramifications and about how we might both make change and adapt to change in order to best live and work in the post-pandemic world as it unfolds.

Contributors: Jodie Eastwood (Chief Executive, Knowledge Quarter), John Howkins (Creativity and Innovation Specialist and Author of Invisible Work) Sara Wookey (Dance Artist, Researcher, Consultant )

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