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23rd April, 2020

Post production industry gets welcome boost from launch of new apprenticeship scheme

London South Bank University

Post production industry employers stand to make significant gains this month, from the launch (15 April) of a vital post production apprenticeship scheme that offers a lifeline to UK post production houses looking to recruit new talent.

The apprenticeship is being launched by UK Screen Alliance (15 April 2020) in partnership with LSBU and award-winning post production house, Clear Cut Pictures.

Two and half years in development, the new post production apprenticeship scheme has been designed by experts from across the sector, taking into account the industry’s pressing need for more accredited post-production training for technical operators working in post houses, for broadcasters and in-house facilities.

On 9 April, nine apprentices from seven different companies began their training, provided by the University, to become post production technical operators. These apprentices are currently employed by the following companies: Evolutions, Deluxe 142, Visual Data Media Services, Clear Cut Pictures, Timeline TV, Fifty Fifty Post and Platform Post.

The apprenticeship lasts for a total of 12 months and includes three three-week blocks of off-the job training interspersed with stints of on-the-job work experience. Apprentices will be assessed at the end of the 12-month period for an HNC equivalent level qualification.

The format of the course materials and lectures have been adapted to ensure they are deliverable through virtual, distance learning, as is currently required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The creation of the post production apprenticeship has been led by Rowan Bray, Managing Director of Clear Cut and Neil Hatton, CEO of UK Screen Alliance, assisted by a group of leading post-production employers. Funding for the development process has been sourced from the ScreenSkills High-End TV Skills fund.

As the apprenticeship is fully accredited by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IATE), the larger participating companies are able to fund the training from their own compulsory Apprenticeship Levy contributions, but the smaller companies’ trainees have made use of the UK Screen Alliance’s ALT scheme which facilitates the transfer of funds from large levy-payers with excess, unused contributions.

Alison May, LSBU’s Apprenticeship Manager said:

“LSBU is delighted to be launching the Post Production Technical Operative apprenticeship in partnership with The UK Screen Alliance. It is a testament to all involved that despite these strange and challenging times, we are continuing to deliver innovative and exciting programmes in the Creative and Arts Industries.”

Rowan Bray, Managing Director of Clear Cut Pictures said:

“It’s hugely satisfying to see the apprentices start their training after all the work put in by our Trailblazer group of employers and the teaching team at LSBU, to develop the course. The need to support the upskilling of our staff has long been recognised, given the complexity of modern post-production in meeting the ambitions of film and programme-makers.

“I see no reason why the apprentices should not still be able to get their on-the-job experience during the pandemic as these companies are continuing to function at the moment, even though some of the work they’re doing is diminishing, because new rushes are not being created and productions are having to furlough staff.”

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