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24th March, 2020

Authorship in Research

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Event Details

24th March, 2020
14:00 - 16:30
City, University of London
Northampton Square

Join Research and Enterprise for an in-depth session on Authorship in Research delivered by James Parry (UKRIO).

Using case studies and group discussion, this session will explore the grey areas that researchers may face when trying to meet ethical standards for authorship and publication.

Discussions will include common issues and pitfalls, and you will be given the opportunity to share your experiences and perspectives.

The following key areas of authorship will be covered:

  • How does authorship ‘work’ in your discipline?
  • How should authorship be determined?
  • Can a supervisor demand authorship on a publication coming out of a research degree?
  • Is it ethical to exchange authorship favours with colleagues?
  • In what circumstances will a paper be retracted from a journal?


James Parry, Chief Executive of the UK Research Integrity Office, will explore what best practice should be and the way in which researchers at all levels can avoid authorship disputes and ensure published work is of the highest standard.

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