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5th February, 2020

UK- Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Networking Call

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) is pleased to announce a call for Networking Grants as part of its ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in Digital Humanities’ programme funded through the UKRI Fund for International Collaboration. This collaborative funding programme between the AHRC and the Irish Research Council (IRC) aims to deliver a transformational impact on Digital Humanities research in the UK and Ireland.

In the UK, the programme is supported by £4 million of funding secured by the AHRC through the UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) Fund for International Collaboration. The Irish component of projects will be supported by the IRC. The programme will support a range of collaborative activities over three years, including research networking activity and larger research grants. The programme will exploit complementary strengths in the Digital Humanities between world-leading centres of excellence in the UK and Ireland, leading to new partnerships and cross-disciplinary projects, building capacity and enhancing the integration of humanities and technology in Digital Humanities development.

This call for Networking Grants aims to support a broad range of networking activities between teams in the UK and Ireland. By bringing together the outstanding and complementary qualities of the Digital Humanities in both countries, it is anticipated that this programme will achieve a broad range of academic, societal and economic impacts, for example by:

  • Fostering new partnerships with the creative industries sector;
  • Enhancing public access to, and engagement with, cultural heritage;
  • Creating new standards in open access;
  • Supporting new learning, educational and professional skills.

The networks should take innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to explore the following broad and inclusive themes:

  • Digital Humanities,Emerging Technologies and Research Practices
  • Digital Humanities and Social Innovation
  • Digital Humanities, Cultural Heritage and the Creative Industries

These themes have been developed on the basis of outputs from a workshop which took place in Dublin from 22-23 October and convened leading Digital Humanities experts from both countries.

A report of the workshop, including recommendations for future activity, can be found in the ‘further information’ section on this page (from week commencing 9 December). It is strongly advised that applicants refer to this report when completing their proposal.

The AHRC will provide up to £30,000 full economic cost (fEC), paid at 80%, for the UK costs of each funded research network. The Irish Research Council will provide up to €12,500 (covering 100% of costs).

Closing Date: 20/02/2020

Further info here.

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