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13th February, 2020

Centre for Compressor Technology 25th Anniversary and Professor Ian Smith to be awarded Emeritus Professorship

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Event Details

13th February, 2020
15:00 - 17:00
Drysdale Building
City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom

Celebration of 25th Anniversary of the Centre for Compressor Technology & Professor Ian Smith to be awarded Emeritus Professorship

In February 1995, the Centre for Compressor Technology was established by Professor Ian Smith and Professor Nikola Stosic. The vision for the Centre was to extend the boundaries of understanding of machines used for compression and expansion processes, thereby enabling them to operate more efficiently over a wider range of conditions, with the aim to reducing both environmental impact and manufacturing costs and serving as an aid to industry in the design, manufacture and operation of such machines, both in existing and novel forms.

25 years later the Centre is very well known for it’s “N” rotor profile and the pioneering work on CFD in positive displacement machines. The Centre has prospered with several academic and industrial projects, produced hundreds of journal papers, conference papers and industrial reports, holds many patents, and is recipient of a number of professional awards and prizes. We are also very proud of our alumni, many of whom hold high positions in world renowned academic institutions or companies.



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