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30th January, 2020

London Calling Brexit: Studying London and Londoners in a Changing UK, Europe and World


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30th January, 2020
Loughborough University London

This one-day workshop will examine the effect of Brexit on the UK’s capital city and the effect of London on Brexit.

Despite being the UK and England’s capital, a diverse metropolis of 9 million people, the UK’s economic powerhouse, and a leading European and global city, a great deal remains to be said and researched about what Brexit means for London and Londoners. This one-day workshop will bring together academics and members of London’s political, business, media and civil society communities to discuss London and Brexit. Presentations should be very short to allow for discussion. Panellists are also asked to consider what is unknown about London’s politics, society and economics and what might warrant further research.We welcome contributions in the following areas:

Business: The Economics of Brexit

What has Brexit meant for London’s businesses? Will it rebalance the UK economy away from London? Which of London’s business communities have the most to win or lose?

Leave and Left Behind Londoners

What has Brexit meant for Londoners who voted Leave and for London’s poorest? Is London home to a ‘liberal elite’ or does this casually overlook London’s poor Remain voters and rich Leave voters?

Londoners: Polling London

What can polling and voting behaviour tell us about Londoners views of Brexit? Has Brexit changed Londoners views, political alignments and voting behaviour?

Running London: The Governance of Brexit

What has Brexit meant for London’s political representatives and institutions (Mayor, GLA, boroughs/the City)? What has it meant for relations with UK government and other parts of the UK? Has London influenced the Brexit negotiations?

Global Londoners: A City and Citizens of the World

What has Brexit meant for non-EU Londoners and those from the EU27? Has London’s international standing been changed? How effective is the ‘London is Open’ campaign?

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