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18th February, 2019

TCCE Arts and Health Forum: Developing connections and conversations between Higher Education and the Arts and Culture Sector

The Culture Capital Exchange

Event Details

18th February, 2019
15:00 - 18:00
Roberts Engineering Building, UCL

Brief introductions and presentations from: Victoria Hume (Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance), Jenni Regan (London Arts and Health Forum), Evelyn Wilson (TCCE) amongst others.

Back In 2017, The Culture Capital Exchange launched an Arts and Health Forum as a discussion and knowledge exchange platform for our member researchers and staff and for people working in the arts, cultural sectors and/or health related fields. So far the forum has hosted a number of events and supported the development of funding bids. It acts as a mini-hub within TCCE, creating informal spaces for researchers working broadly within these subject areas to share their research, connect with colleagues and share their work with new audiences.  

We are delighted that our first forum event of the new decade is a collaboration between LAHF, CHWBA and ourselves. It will be an informal afternoon gathering that will aim to provide a space for knowledge sharing, encouraging attendees to come together to exchange information and ideas and to develop new networks, contacts and knowledge. There will be short presentations as well as plenty of time for smaller group discussions and one-to-one conversation.

The event is aimed at researchers, those working in knowledge exchange and public engagement, arts organisations as well as artists/creative practitioners, and those working in health and policy settings who are interested in developing connections with the arts and culture sector and/or with the research base. 


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