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5th December, 2019

Innovation In Music 2019

Event Details

5th December, 2019
End Date:
7th December, 2019
University of West London
St Mary's Rd
W5 5RF
£221 - £295

Innovation In Music (InMusic) is an international music industry conference which brings together researchers and professionals interested in the future of the music industry, from the artist through to the consumer. The 2017 conference included keynote lectures and panel sessions with award winning music industry professionals including Imogen Heap, Talvin Singh, Mandy Parnell, Peter Oxendale and Ken Scott.

InMusic19 will provide an outstanding opportunity for all those interested in the fast-moving changes taking place in the music industry to mix with experts in the field, exchange experiences and learn about the latest trends and innovative developments. Participants can also achieve a peer reviewed publication in the  conference proceedings.

Innovation In Music welcomes academics, artists, producers, engineers, music industry professionals and manufacturers to come together and hear papers on a wide range of topics.

Conference themes include:

  • Music production: past, present and future
  • Performance and composition: human, artificial and beyond
  • Innovation in music business
  • Immersive and interactive audio
  • Music consumer behaviour: the changing psychology and perceived value of music
  • Technologies for remuneration and data management
  • Platforms for music sale, streaming and broadcast
  • Studio technology innovation
  • Innovative music creation and songwriting
  • Sound engineering: audio and acoustics
  • Mastering commercial music
  • Hi-res audio and future music formats
  • Piracy in 2019 and beyond
  • Post production innovation: plugins, workstations, automated mixing
  • Sound design and music for video games
  • Knowledge transfer between music industry and academia
  • Cross-disciplinary topics around music and innovation

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