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12th November, 2019

IMCI Speaker Series – Eliana Herrera Huérfano


Event Details

12th November, 2019
17:00 - 18:30
LDN.0.01, Loughborough University London

Reflections from the amazon jungle: Building an intercultural dialogue and re-thinking development

Organised by The Institute for Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University London, the Fall 2019-20 Speakers’ Series will bring together researchers from across a wide range of interdisciplinary fields in order to address timely and pertinent questions in media and the creative industries.

The current environmental crisis, which the amazon forest destruction is a part of, calls for a re-thinking of our development practices and the symbolic-cultural conditions of organic and human life. The circumstances around the crisis are closely related to indigenous struggles about their right to autonomy and self-determination within their territories. The purpose of this talk is to introduce and discuss the researcher’s reflections about what we can learn from the indigenous communities’ relationship with their territory and the environment.

Based on nine years of ethnographic fieldwork with the indigenous communities of the Amazon, Eliana Herrera Huérfano will share three lessons she learned in order to help us envision and build an intercultural dialogue based on epistemic interculturality. These lessons are: 1) The ancestral perspective of the indigenous peoples is not in the past; it is here in the present. 2) The interconnection among human and non-human beings constitutes the base of their relationship with their territory. 3) A harmonious life inside the jungle is possible with adaptation.

Similar to “Buen vivir” of the indigenous peoples of the Andes, the indigenous peoples from the Amazon also believe in the sense of reciprocity with the territory through respect and responsibility. Finally, drawing from these conclusions, this talk will identify practices, views and knowledge that can help us rethink development in relation to communication and social change.

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