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6th November, 2019

A practical workshop on arts-based techniques


Event Details

6th November, 2019
13:00 - 14:00
SSRU seminar room
18 Woburn Square

Collaborative poetics (CP) is a participatory, arts-based approach for exploring and communicating lived experiences, with a view to social justice. It uses poetry, visual arts and other art forms, along with established social scientific research methods. The aim is to use a range of activities to explore one or more social issues, with outputs shared outside the group to raise awareness, for their artistic merit or for academic dissemination; the group decides.

Helen Johnson, who founded CP during a pilot study in Montreal, spoke at an SSRU seminar last year about the theoretical groundings of CP. Since then, CP Network members have developed resources that groups can use to apply CP at low cost and with a degree of scaffolding. The resources are aimed at groups from diverse backgrounds: researchers, community groups, artists or members of the public. They are available free of charge, thanks to funding from the Independent Social Research Foundation.

Dr Carol Rivas will introduce some activities from the resource pack and seminar attendees will be able to produce something to take home. While this will be a hands-on interactive session, we will not have time to develop a true collective; this is a taster session designed to inspire.

You do not need any prior artistic abilities for this event – just come along and have a bit of fun while you practise simple arts-based techniques.

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