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29th October, 2019

Workshop, Talk and Performance – “The Sampled Series”


Event Details

29th October, 2019
17:30 - 19:00
Concert Room, Grove Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

Lucilla Green and Johnny Jay explore how DIY artists can cover, remix, sample and release music in the digital age, and give tips on best sampling practices and building a sustainable career.

The workshop is followed by a performance event with Johnny showcasing some of the biggest sampled tracks in the history of electronic music, and a networking event where artists will be encouraged to meet, share ideas, and collaborate.

Lucilla Green (MD, Do The Rights Thing) is a London-based music rights and royalties expert. She started her career helping artists register and understand copyright while studying Law in Manchester. Moving back to London, she worked at Polydor Records, then as Royalties Manager at Merlin Network, where she worked with labels such as XL Recordings, Domino Recordings and Ninja Tune. Lucilla has written for Music Week and in 2017 set up Do The Rights Thing, helping artists, labels and publishers to register their rights and royalties.

Johnny Jay (Founder, Mixrupt) is a digital music composer, DJ performer and artist who works with digital media, graphics and technology to challenge negative stereotypes and to promote inclusion, cohesion and increased access to cultural institutions. He started his career as a hip-hop DJ and promoter, then signed to Zomba/Jive records. He has remixed, composed and produced records for artists such as The Stone Roses, Gabrielle, East 17, Mark E Smith, C&C Music Factory and Urban Cookie Collective.

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