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6th September, 2019

The Ebbsfleet Design Forum

The Ebbsfleet Design Forum is being established to expand upon and complement the existing design management framework within the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, providing a broader and deeper range of expertise to complement the existing design services provided by the inhouse design team.

Design South East has been contracted to set up and manage a dedicated design review panel for Ebbsfleet Garden City, providing a pool of independent design expertise across a range of key design areas. This panel will be known as the Ebbsfleet Design Forum and is expected to enhance EDC’s capability to deliver a sustainable, resilient, accessible, characterful, biodiverse, smart, connected and healthy Garden City adapted to the conditions in Ebbsfleet. The ‘Design Forum’ name has been chosen to promote an open and collaborative approach to design review panel sessions, focussing on co-design between Forum members and design teams.

The Forum, which will have approximately 20 members, will be composed of architects, landscape architects and urban designers, experts in the fields of accessibility and universal design, progressive highway engineering, environmental design and engineering (sustainability resilience and climate change), active design, water sensitive design, historic environments and public art. The Forum should also include experience across transport interchanges, sports and leisure buildings, mixed-use regeneration, high density housing, and specialist housing, streets and park design.

Forum meetings will be convened to undertake a collaborative design review of a project in collaboration with the design team, EDC’s design and planning officers, typically for the following types of project;

  • Major EDC led masterplanning programmes
  • EDC led investment projects (e.g. community buildings)
  • Reserved matters applications for housing and/or mixed-use
  • Reserved matters applications for local squares, neighbourhood and major parks.
  • Specialist projects (e.g. secondary schools, leisure buildings, etc)

Monday 9th September (12.00 noon) Application deadline

More info here.

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