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12th September, 2019

The Case of Affordable Housing: a global perspective on financing and institutional ownership


Event Details

12th September, 2019
9:30 - 19:30
The Bartlett
Here East
Queen Elizabeth Park
E15 2GW

This conference will bring together academics and a wide range of industry stakeholders to explore global case studies focused on new tools and models for financing affordable housing, working towards viable solutions for the UK and beyond.

Lack of affordable housing can have a significant impact on productivity and economic growth worldwide, and can lead to increased segregation and inequality within communities.

It is an area of research focus for the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals which aim to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and improve infrastructure.

A fundamental question in the creation and management of affordable and social housing is who finances it. In the UK and beyond there has been a shift from public sector led financing towards using capital markets to access funds. Housing associations play a vital role in this landscape as do institutional investors through direct financing or building (Build-to-Rent) and investment in existing large-scale rental accommodation.

The paper session will present the latest international academic research on the financing of social and affordable housing projects worldwide while the round table discussion will bring together industry leaders for a strategic discussion on emerging models of housing funding, supply and place making. The workshops will facilitate concentrated discussion in response to the latest industry trends and research.

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