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13th July, 2019

Through the Looking Glass: Political Legitimacy from Multiple Angles


Event Details

13th July, 2019
9:00 - 19:30
To be confirmed
United Kingdom

This workshop brings together researchers working on political legitimacy from a range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives; from political philosophy over law, criminology, and behaviouralist survey-based social science to qualitative approaches and international relations. The purpose of the workshop is to engage with each other’s takes on legitimacy:

  • What kinds of questions do we ask about legitimacy, and what kinds of answers have we found; what are major fault lines of debate and lines of inquiry in our respective fields?
  • What definitions or notions of political legitimacy do we advance and work with, and what is the picture of legitimacy that emerges from our work on it?
  • What kinds of methodological approaches have we applied to legitimacy, respectively, and how do they shape what we can expect to see?
  • What can we learn from each other? Can other ways of looking at legitimacy help us to think differently about the questions we want to ask about legitimacy, or can we begin to offer answers to each other’s questions?

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