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13th June, 2019

Moving Media Memory History PGR Conference 2019


Event Details

13th June, 2019
9:30 - 18:30
Loughborough University London
Lesney Avenue
E15 2GZ

In an age of global communication, the making of histories and memories is closely connected to diverse and moving media landscapes.

The kaleidoscope of different media, memories and histories influences the remembering, forgetting and archiving of events and processes, and is therefore constantly shaping and reshaping individual and collective identities. This PGR conference will address the underlying power structures of the relationship between the three ever-evolving fields by foregrounding interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundaries separating them. New and more nuanced ways of understanding the past as well as the present can be discovered by including media technologies thatare developing through time as well as different understandings of both memory and history, so that multiple realities can be explored. In this sense, this conference is interested in the moving character of media, memories and histories, which do not only travel with the subjects that inhabit them, but are further constantly transmitted through diverse forms of communication between humans, objects and technologies.

This PGR conference aims to explore diverse methodological and theoretical approaches that discuss the constantly changing relationship between the three fields. We are interested in ideas and conceptualisations of migrating, traveling and transmitted memories, histories and media. There are no limitations in terms of methodological practices within the fields and we are particularly enthusiastic to receive applications from those who use critical and creative methods in their research.
This one-day conference, held at the Loughborough University’s London campus, welcomes postgraduate and early career researchersLoughborough University attempts at facilitating an environment where a fast-growing area of expertise is accessible to researchers at an early stage across the social sciences and humanities. This PGR conference will be a platform to connect scholars from different fields.Possible topics include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Migrating and traveling memories and histories
  • Communication and transmission of memories and histories
  • Memories and histories of migration
  • Media representation and production of migration
  • Memories and histories in arts
  • Creative methods in media, memory and history
  • Spatial traces of media, memory and history
  • Transnational media, memory and history
  • Technologies of moving media, memory and histories

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