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5th June, 2019

Central Research@Work


Event Details

5th June, 2019
18:30 -
The Boardroom at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

In this series, CENTRAL researchers will talk about their latest explorations of theatre and performance, sharing their new material and/or writing, and discussing questions of research methods, but also research problems and open questions.

These short ‘work in progress’ presentations will offer opportunities for response, discussion and a sharing of ideas about these ongoing research projects.

Dr Diana Damian Martin:  Balconies: Eastern Europe and the poetics of discontinuity

This presentation revolves around a series of images of balconies by artist Dan Perjovschi. I explore how these images present the balcony as collapsing categories of movement and stillness, East and West, occupation and resistance, and ask: how does the balcony intervene into cultural narratives of Eastern Europe and its political discontinuities?

Dr Gareth White:  In the midst of a re-staged revolution: compliance and contradiction in Counting Sheep

Mark and Marichka Marczycks’ Counting Sheep invites us to join the Maidan Square rebellion in Kiev, five years after the event, in a participatory performance of celebration and lament and a cry for recognition of an ongoing conflict. Getting swept up in simulated politics like this raises questions: how do we recognise ourselves in the actions we take in the performance? How do we recognise the conflict that we have helped to simulate?

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Looking forward @JS_Diaspora opening a discussion with stimulus from award winning film #MyNameIs @mynameisdocu on 'Decolonising the self before we can decolonise HE & culture' @RADA_London via @InfoTCCE tomorrow as part of a broader event from 1pm to 3pm. Deets to follow in🧵

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