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18th May, 2019

Heritage Science Hackathon


Event Details

18th May, 2019
End Date:
19th May, 2019
The Auditorium @ UCL Here East
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E15 2GW

Team up with a broad range of heritage professionals, early career researchers, programmers and students to work on issues faced by local heritage institutions. Use new technology and find new ways to present heritage science to new audiences.


What is Heritage Science?
Heritage science is cross-disciplinary scientific research to improve the understanding of, engagement with and management of cultural heritage. It is often used in the context of conservation science, as the latter term is often insufficient to cover the myriad aspects involved in the comprehensive care of heritage.


What is a Hackathon?
A hackathon is a short period of time in which domain level experts join together to work collaboratively on projects. It emerged from the tech community in which people would ‘hack’ together software. It is very different from a ‘hack attack’ and is instead a term that describes prototyping. The goal of a hackathon is to come up with new solutions to old well identified problems.

What will I do?
Working in diverse teams you will create ideas/products/projects to help address the issues provided by the attending institutions. These should be wide and varied and we encourage you to think as far out of the box as possible – there will be no wrong answers! Representative from the institutions will be around over the weekend to answer questions, as will mentors from larger institutions to assist with your projects. Additionally there will be several workshops which you could attend focusing, which you could use in your project, or just learn a new skill. (more details to follow)

Do I need to be able to code?
Not really! Unlike traditional hackathons, we don’t want you to necessarily create a fully functional-fly-you-to-mars app in a day (though if you do that’s also great!). We want fully thought out proposals for the participating institutions. This can be anything from a project proposal, a wireframe app, a prototype microscope or educational toolkit.

Are there prizes?
Yes! These will be anounced closer to the date.

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