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19th March, 2019

Dialogues in Urban Equality #8 – Re-thinking Prosperity


Event Details

19th March, 2019
17:30 - 19:30
Harrie Massey Theatre
UCL, 25 Gordon St
This month we focus on metrics as powerful forms of urban knowledge and the role they play in shaping how prosperity and inequality are conceptualised, measured and acted on in cities.
We will ask our two guests – renowned scholars who have taken radically different approaches to developing new prosperity and inequality metrics – to offer critical reflections on metrics as a form of urban governance.  Our speakers will explore scope for the co-production of metrics with city stakeholders – citizens, communities, governments, NGOs and business – and what new forms of knowledge can contribute to pathways to equality.
Chaired by:
Prof Caren Levy
The Bartlett Development Planning Unit UCL, KNOW Principal Investigator 
Our discussants will include:
Prof Henrietta L. Moore
The Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP), UCL 
Dr José Gabriel Palma
Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University.

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