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7th March, 2019

Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Research holds first meeting

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The Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research (CHIR) is a new interdisciplinary centre which brings together researchers from different disciplines across Cass Business School and the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London.

The main goal of the CHIR is to create public value by developing a deeper understanding of the complex challenges of embedding innovation into practice, to help improve the organisation and delivery of healthcare services in the UK and abroad.

The Centre’s research focuses on how to best spread and sustain effective and beneficial innovations so that their benefits are widely distributed within health systems.

Core members of the CHIR team include co-directors Harry Scarborough, Professor of Information Systems and Management at Cass Business School, and Dr Yiannis Kyratsis, Senior Lecturer in Health Management and Leadership at the School of Health Sciences.

Further members of the core team are Senior Research Fellow Dr Alexandra Ziemann and Research Fellow, Dr Yaru Chen, with Dr Charitini Stavropoulou.

Reflecting on the launch of Centre, Dr Kyratsis said:

Getting healthcare innovations to ‘spread’ and also ‘stick’ is challenging, but can offer immense benefits by improving equity, access, patient experience, health outcomes and cost-effectiveness. The CHIR aims to tackle this challenge of embedding innovations, and brings together academics from various disciplines, departments and across schools.

“We were extremely pleased that over 25 academics from both Cass Business School and School of Health Sciences were involved in our first academic meeting, sowing the seeds for future research collaboration and impact in this field.

Professor Scarborough, added:

The CHIR will bring a fresh perspective to the challenges of spreading innovations in healthcare. Our initial meeting was highly successful in bringing together researchers from both Cass Business School and the School of Health Sciences. Together, we explored novel ways of addressing these challenges that will hopefully lead to future interdisciplinary projects and external funding.

To find out more about the CHIR visit the webpage.

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