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8th February, 2019

Superpowers, not Skynet: Using AI in the real world

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Event Details

8th February, 2019
17:00 - 18:00
College Building
City, University of London
St John Street

Futurice is a software, design and data science consultancy working with many of the leading automotive, energy and financial brands in Europe. In this presentation we will use our experience to take a practical look at using Data Science in a business context.

Machine Learning and Big Data have been buzzwords for years now, but how do you know you have a Machine Learning problem on your hands? This talk will describe the types of problems ML methods are well suited to solve, with examples from a wide variety of industries. It will also tell you where to get started if you want to try solving one of these problems yourself.

We will introduce tools developed at Futurice to evaluate and plan practical data science projects and machine learning solutions. Often, an AI feature will not completely replace human work in a process or service, but will instead complement human intelligence. In this case we call this intelligence augmentation. We will introduce the  Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit which we have developed for designing these types of services and open sourced.


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